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Whether you are starting in Lighting or you are a seasoned Lighting Professional, there is always something to learn in this field. Explore our library of Lighting Education resources to grow your career.


Illumination is an Art, it is Science, and it can improve our Lives. That is why we like to be on top of the latest research in lighting from our Researching Partners. Learn more about the companies that are constantly developing our field.


In the practice of Lighting it is important to offer adaptable, scalable and sustainable solutions that can be understood and applied by professionals across the world. This is why professionals should be aware of the most recent Standards.


At LightSearch, we proudly partner with leading associations, nonprofits, and enterprises globally, illuminating the world together with our diverse range of lighting solutions.

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Collaborating with respected government entities and research laboratories, we're at the forefront of lighting innovation, brightening the future of public sectors and scientific studies with our cutting-edge technology.